Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Prepping for Paint!

I really underestimated just how much stuff I had. I emptied one side of my space to prep for paint. It took hours just to empty the space and tape.
One of the shelves all taped and ready to go!

I was so excited to get the taping part done. I hate taping. I am not a big fan of painting but I can deal with that. Taping on the other hand, ugh! I'd almost rather pay someone to do it for me! My excitement was short lived when I turned around to this mess!

I think I created more of a mess than I started with. *Sigh* I hope to get at least one coat of paint on tomorrow! I'll let you know when I do.


  1. i hate taping too. you have a ton of craft stuff, i need to come visit your craft room the next time i'm in nj!

  2. yes you do! I got rid of a bunch of stuff when I moved to. It was out of control